May 5, 2022 By Jamie Warner

Why 50+ ASCII Members Have Partnered With Invarosoft?

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So why have 50+ of your fellow ASCII members decided to use the Invarosoft Unified Customer Experience (UCX) platform?

Here are the top 5 reasons below.

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1. To Deliver a Modern Customer Experience (CX)

Email and Phone is the OLD way to provide IT support.

You need to compliment (or ideally replace ‘support@’) and deliver a unified customer experience. Clients want a Client Portal, they want to see their tickets, approvals, O365 license reports, device reports, knowledge base and vCIO presentations.

RESULT – ASCII partners are reducing churn by delivering clients with a modern service delivery experience.

2. Win New Business

When you deliver a modern customer experience it makes it easier for clients to see why your services are more advanced than your competitors.

They EXPECT you to have the behind the scenes tools (PSA, RMM) and a great solution stack – but in 2022 – you can’t get away with an analog NOKIA style approach.

RESULT – Our ASCII partners are increasing their win rate for winning new clients (MRR support deals) because they stand out in the crowd.

3. Reduce Stack Costs & Complexity

There are a lot of SaaS tools vying for your business. At Invarosoft we’re building a Unified Customer Experience Platform (UCX) to deliver all the smaller tools you need under the one hood.

So if you’re using any of the following tools, you can now consolidate all or some of these into the one (1) platform:

– Client Portal
– vCIO
– Live Chat
– Identity Security
– Secure Messaging
– Push Notifications
– O365 Reporting

– Device Reporting
– Web Forms
– Surveys
– Service Catalog
– Knowledgebase
– Self-Service Bots
– Training Bots
– Engineer Bookings (Coming Soon)

RESULT – We’re helping ASCII partners save on their stack costs and reduce the complexity and time managing multiple vendors. When we add more platforms the benefit gets bigger and bigger.


4. Increase Productivity

Whether you’re a small, medium or large MSP, the fact is there is a lot of wasted time around ticketing.

When clients email you a ticket, you have to triage the ticket, assign correctly in the PSA, confirm what the client meant back and forth and so on. You might also be getting a lot of MOBILE calls and SMS requests for help.


Instead, you can get the PERFECT TICKET via our platform. Ticket type, sub type, priority, affected user, device diagnostics, additional form information – every time.

RESULT: Our ASCII partners are saving 3-5 minutes on every ticket logged via Invarosoft. With our Web Forms sending data directly to the PSA as a ticket the on-boarding process for new users is 10x faster also.


5. Increase Procurement Revenue by $50,000 to $200,000 Per Year

The current vCIO tools on the market only do a good job at the Audit.

However, when you present your findings to a client you need to get them to make a decision to buy something. That’s where ALL the other tools fall down. We’ve brought our MSPs IP to the table by using the power of Good/Better/Best to present recommendations to clients.

RESULT: ASCII members can sell more recommendations, faster, which increases your revenue. We believe you can increase revenue by at least $50,000 to $200,000 simply by a more efficient vCIO / QBR sales process.



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About Invarosoft

Invarosoft® is Unified Customer Experience (UCX) platform that combines 14 tools including; Client Portals (O365 Integrated), Support Apps (Desktop, Mobile & Teams), Live ChatIdentity SecurityCSATSurveysO365 & Device ReportsAutomationBots and vCIO Platform to help MSPs & IT Teams provide a best-in-class experience to their customers and reduce stack costs.



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