Reduce Stack Bloat

With the Invarosoft CX Platform you can reduce stack bloat and save money by replacing the following point solution tools:

  • PSA Portal
  • Customer Feedback (CSAT and Surveys)
  • Identity Security
  • Live Chat
  • Web Forms
  • vCIO & QBR

Everything in one platform which is better and more affordable.

Improve Customer Experience (CX)

Improve your NPS & CSAT scores and reduce churn by delighting users with a ‘One-Pane of Glass’ ICT experience they love.

In this App economy users are crying out for a modern IT Support experience vs ‘support@’ and phone on a sticker or mouse pad.

Remember the client doesn't care about your stack, they care about what they get, so a customizable App and Client Portal is definitely something they value.

Increase Productivity

With the Invarosoft CX Platform you can give an enormous boost to your Engineers and Service Desk's productivity:

  • Save 3-5 minutes per ticket by getting the correct ticket information the first time.
  • Reduce phone support calls by up to 50% by making it easy for users to access support.
  • Reduce inbound support tickets by 5-10% using self-service bots.

Automation around in-bound tickets and driving productivity by solving the problem of getting the wrong information is where you can really drive operational efficiency.

Increase Security

Increase your Service Desk's security by implementing Secure Caller Verification for Identity Security.

Send passwords and other sensitive information using Secure 2FA Messaging.

Your Engineers can manage this easily using our ITControlPanel App.

Improve Communication

In this day and age of too much email, improving communication with clients is mission critical given we need clients or users to hear our messages.

With Invarosoft you get powerful enhancements to your communication included in ITNewsPanel:

  • Live Chat - Use out-bound or in-bound chat to communicate with ease with clients.
  • Push Broadcasting - Advise clients when there is an outage or scheduled downtime.
  • Push Messages - Leave messages for users when you can't get them on the phone or email or after you complete a job.
  • SMS Broadcasting - Use the power of SMS to communicate with clients.
  • News Flicker - Show your latest news in ITSupportPanel and link to your BLOG or Portal.
  • Social - Link your social pages in ITSupportPanel.

This is the modern way to communicate with clients across their desktop and mobile devices.


Simply by differentiating when you present your services you can win more MRR support deals.

You need to present clients with a compelling proposition of why your services will be a 'step up' from their previous IT Partner. Most MSPs still use phone and email on stickers or mousepads, so you have a huge opportunity to explain how your CX platform does the following:

  • Enhances support,
  • Makes it easier for them to provide the right information,
  • Gives them control with your 'Approvals' engine,
  • Suggests solutions with self-service bots,
  • Confirm identity of users,
  • Send data securely,
  • Improves communication with Push; and,
  • Helps streamline access to their Apps.

You can not underestimate how important it is to show clients what they get on the front-end. They don't care about your internal stack!

What else can Invarosoft do..?

Read more about our CX Platform features below:

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  ITSupportBot    ITAppsPanel           vCIO         

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