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ITSupportPanel works on Windows, Mac, iOS & Android enabling your users to have 'one pane of glass' access to everything related to IT from one (1) simple button.

The App is fully configurable per user, agent, group or client to ensure a very personalized and sticky CX.

Ticket Logging + Screen Capture

ITSupportPanel enables you to get the correct information the first time by synchronizing with your ticket types, enabling users to select priority, affected user and take a screen shot. Every ticket includes device diagnostics (Windows) and you can use workflow automation instead of your team spending precious time on ticket triage.

A fantastic replacement for 'support@' to ensure you get the 'perfect ticket'.

Ticket Diagnostics

With every ticket logged via Windows, you get a PDF with complete ticket diagnostics.

You get:

  • Diagnostic Information
  • Network Performance
  • Network Adaptors
  • Device Status
  • 10 Most Memory Usage Software Processes
  • Application Log Errors
  • Most Recent Event Viewer: Application
  • Most Recent Event Viewer: System
  • Host Results for DNS Cache

Make your Engineers lives easier with the perfect device information - every time.

Ticket & Client Portal

Give users access to your branded ticket portal, so they can view, edit and close their tickets.

Managers get access to see all of the company's tickets and you can create a customized manager portal with what ever you'd like to show them such as; Tickets, Approvals, Network Diagrams, Road-Map & Training.

Take away the darkness of your services and show your visible value.

Secure Caller Verification

Invarosoft now delivers powerful Identity Security for your help desk. If you need to confirm the identity of a user when they call for support, you can use our Secure Caller Verification using our powerful secure push technology. 

A great replacement for DUO Push.

Secure 2FA Messaging

Now you can send passwords securely to users with our Secure 2FA Messaging. Using the ITControlPanel App the user gets a push notification on their Desktop or Mobile requiring them to insert a 2FA code, they can copy the message and then the message closes after 30 seconds.

A great replacement for encrypted emails and/or having to send information 'split in half' via email and SMS.

ITControlPanel (Engineer & Dispatcher App)

ITControlPanel is an App your Engineers & Dispatchers get to manage our powerful features; Live Chat, Secure Caller Verification, Secure 2FA Messaging, Push Messaging and Logging Tickets quickly into your PSA.

It's the perfect tool for your took-kit!

More info >

Ticket Forms

To ensure you get the correct information the first time you can attach custom forms and additional questions to ticket types and clients.

Perfect for new user requests or simply collecting a couple of extra pieces of information. You can make questions compulsory, provide placeholder instructions and insert help links.

You can even choose the destination of where the form data is placed in the ticket.

Ticket forms ensure you get the correct ticket information - every time.

Web Forms

You can now create custom web forms in your branded portal that can be linked via buttons or URL.

These forms can log tickets via API or send emails once completed.

Perfect for on-boarding new clients and a great replacement for WuFoo or Google Forms.


To ensure compliance and security you can setup approval rules per ticket type and per client. You can select multiple approvers who get email notifications to approve tickets and can write notes in the approval.

Give your clients control over their IT Support and impress them with your sophisticated managed support offering.


Custom build your own knowledgebase page in minutes using our Documentation functionality. 

Link the documentation page via the App and you can instantly give clients a perfect portal to access helpful information.

Customize per client and link to IT Glue or other documentation for a personalized experience.

SSO Buttons

Our SSO buttons auto-authenticate users into third party portals such as; ConnectBooster, WisePay and Bigger Brains.

Make ITSupportPanel your primary portal and give clients access to what they need in one simple click.

Make it easier for them to pay invoices or access training.

App Customization

You can customize the App appearance, buttons, news, apps, forms, approvals, bots etc per user, agent, group or client.

ITSupportPanel is the ultimate front-end to your PSA or ITSM tool to show visible value and deliver a sticky CX.


You can white-label the App with your own custom icons (ICO file) for Windows for a complete brand experience.

This is the perfect option if you've already trained clients on your own icon but want to deliver a better customer experience.

If you haven't trained users before our research says the IT button gets the highest utilization from users since it's easy to remember and how they think of us anyway - 'the IT department'.

One-Time Authentication

The App has one-time authentication to ensure users don't need to remember a username or password. You can authenticate users by:

  • Self-Registration (When they log their first ticket),
  • Invarosoft Portal,
  • AD Harvester; or,
  • Azure AD Harvester (Q4).

Deployment can be done in one day!

Training Bots

Once the App is deployed training users is easy with our Training Bots.

These bots pop up once the agent is loaded to welcome the user and guide them to a template training portal page. You can set reminders and this ensures maximum utilization of the App. 

You can even setup 'on demand' training bots to train clients on anything you like e.g. Network Upgrades or other changes.

Training Bots use automation to ensure maximum utilization of the App - all the time. Remember clients have staff churn all the time so you want to ensure you have automation to keep training users.

What else can Invarosoft do..?

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