Comparing Platforms Made Easy

Instead of having to do a complete feature comparison, there are three (3) high level components that make up a CX Solution for MSPs and IT Teams;

  • End User Experience
  • Client Portal
  • MSP Tool Kit

Invarosoft is the only vendor that ticks all 3 areas and provides the complete platform for your team.



Functionality Exclusive to Invarosoft

The functionality which is exclusive to the Invarosoft CX Platform includes:



Invarosoft vs CloudRadial

Invarosoft is now ‘best in class’ compared to CloudRadial for the following features and ROI:

  1. Utilization: Invarosoft’s UI and Design ensures you can get 50-60% of your tickets logged via our platform. Our training bots are unique to Invarosoft and ensure users know how to use the platform. There is no point investing in a CX platform if your users continue to email you afterwards.
  2. Client Portal Branding: Our branding ensures your brand identity flows through to your Client Portal. We believe it’s important to match your colors, design language and creativity versus just having your logo.
  3. vCIO: Our vCIO Platform enables you to logically present your QBR and TBR presentations with distinct sections / pages to show your Overview, Audit, O365 Licensing, Device Reporting, Recommendations and Roadmap. We use the power of good/better/best to present recommendations which makes our vCIO Platform easily the #1 choice.
  4. Live Chat: CloudRadial doesn’t have Live Chat native to the platform.
  5. Identity Security: Invarosoft has invested in our R&D to bring you a native Application for Identity Security and Secure Messaging which CloudRadial does not have.
  6. Push Alerts: The Invarosoft Push Alerts system is best in class.
  7. Setup & Configuration: The Invarosoft Platform takes about 30-60 minutes to have it setup versus hours and hours with CloudRadial. We use templates and do the work for you.


MSP Tool Kit – ITControlPanel

ITControlPanel is exclusive to Invarosoft and represents a ‘must have’ tool-set for your Engineers and Dispatchers. Watch the video to see more:

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