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Improve your communication with Live Chat and deliver a modern customer experience.

Smaller MSPs can focus on using 'outbound chat'  and larger MSPs can use this and 'inbound chat' for another avenue to communicate. All you need to do is add the Chat Button on ITSupportPanel and the user can use the feature.

You can log chat sessions as a ticket, you can attach chat sessions to existing tickets and work on multiple chats at the same time. Your team gets alerted when chats arrive and if you miss an in-bound chat the user is asked to log a ticket.

If you're using Connectwise Chat and don't like the solution this is the best chat platform for MSPs in the market.


Secure Caller Verification

Invarosoft now delivers powerful Identity Security for your help desk. If you need to confirm the identity of a user when they call for support, you can use our Secure Caller Verification using our powerful secure push technology. 

You can use ITControlPanel to select a user who's on-line, send them a verification message with 2FA or other confirmation options and set the time-out of the message. Once the timer has completed the message disappears.

A great replacement for DUO Push.

Secure 2FA Messaging

Now you can send passwords securely to users with our Secure 2FA Messaging.

Using the ITControlPanel App the user gets a push notification on their Desktop or Mobile requiring them to insert a 2FA code, they can copy the message and then the message closes after 30 seconds.

A great replacement for encrypted emails and/or having to send information 'split in half' via email and SMS.

Push Messages

Our Push Message technology within ITControlPanel enables you to send a quick message to a user.

Perfect for chasing a user you can't get on the phone or via email and even better for when you've completed work on a device and you need to let the user know what you did.

You can select from a Dialog or Toast message, choose the color of the push, send now / send later and use template messages.

You can also do Push Broadcasts under ITNewsPanel for when you need to communicate to all or some of your clients.

Log Ticket

Most PSAs are quite slow to log a ticket, with ITControlPanel we speed up the whole process.

Designed for Dispatchers or for when an Engineer just needs to log a ticket quickly, ITControlPanel is a fast easy alternative. The information is slightly less by design but you can log a ticket for any user and any client.

Save your Dispatchers 2-3 minutes on every ticket!

What else can Invarosoft do..?

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