Live Chat

Improve your communication with Live Chat and deliver a modern customer experience.

Smaller MSPs can focus on using 'outbound chat'  and larger MSPs can use this and 'inbound chat' for another avenue to communicate. All you need to do is add the Chat Button on ITSupportPanel and the user can use the feature.

You can log chat sessions as a ticket, you can attach chat sessions to existing tickets and work on multiple chats at the same time. Your team gets alerted when chats arrive and if you miss an in-bound chat the user is asked to log a ticket.

If you're using Connectwise Chat and don't like the solution this is the best chat platform for MSPs in the market.

Push Broadcasting

Imagine being able to send clients a Push Notification when there is an outage or scheduled downtime.

With our Push Broadcasting technology you can send messages to Windows, iOS and Android devices. You can select the color, send now or send later, set the lifetime of the message and use template messages.

You can send Push messages to all clients, one client or one user. You can even create 'groups' such as your main contacts.

Push broadcasting helps your MSP reduce unnecessary tickets based on outages!

Push Messages

Push messages enables your Engineers or Help Desk to send messages directly to one (1) user from ITControlPanel.

Use case #1 - You can't get a hold of someone on the phone or via email.

Use case #2 - You've fixed a PC and want to leave a note for the user.

This is the time saver you've been looking for that looks professional and modern vs using 'notepad'.


NewsFlicker gives you the ability to show news, client wins, awards and insights embedded in the ITSupportPanel App.

You can have a default collection of articles that all clients see or you can create custom collections for clients. 

Link news articles to your BLOG or articles in your Invarosoft portal using our Documentation functionality.


You can also include your social links in the App.

Ensure clients have access to all of your communication channels.


Customer Insights (Q1)

With the Invarosoft Platform you get full customer insights with CSAT, NPS and Surveys.

Reduce your stack bloat and replace your current tool.

Sentiment Analysis

Now you can scan in-bound tickets for key words and phrases to ensure you get ahead of the 'client frustration curve.'

Imagine not having to wait for a client to complain or fill in a poor CSAT response. Get notified immediately and change the status of a ticket when a client writes ASAP or NOT HAPPY. 

This is the technology you need to keep clients happy in the moment!

What else can Invarosoft do..?

Read more about our CX Platform features below:

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