Our powerful vCIO Platform enables you to reduce stack costs by getting everything you need from a CX Platform under the one roof. We use proven sales and pricing strategies (Good/Better/Best) to help you simplify the vCIO process, sell more and make it visible inside our powerful Client Portal.

The Invarosoft vCIO Platform includes:

  • ICT Overview
  • ICT Audit (Traffic Light System)
  • ICT Recommendations (Good, Better, Best + Solution Builder)
  • ICT Roadmap (Kanban Board Roadmap)


ICT Audit

The ICT Audit functionality enables you to easily present your Audit findings in a Traffic Light system with commentary.

This methodology makes it easy for clients to digest the findings easily and sets you up with our color system to make the associated recommendations.

Clients appreciate a simple and easy to understand approach.


ICT Recommendations

Using our innovative 'Solution Builder' approach you can use the power of Good, Better, Best to present your recommendations.

The whole idea is to give the client 3 options that they can choose from for each of the categories you've identified. The color system transfers over and it means the client is now engaged in building their own solution vs being sold one (1) option.

This methodology has helped our sister MSP scale to $9M selling to SMBs, so we believe it's the best way to present your ICT recommendations to ensure you get the highest conversion. 

ICT Roadmap

Once you've presented the recommendations and the client has confirmed their choice, you can then design the roadmap and time-frames to suit.

Now all of this information is available to the client in your branded portal so they don't get confused on what the agreed plan is.

Taking away the darkness of your consulting ensures happy engaged clients who are willing to invest.

What else can Invarosoft do..?

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