Self-Service Bots

With our powerful Self-Service Bots you can now implement 'embedded self-service' to reduce unnecessary tickets you know a re-boot or following simple instructions would fix.

You assign your self-service bots to ticket types and clients, when the user goes to log a ticket the Bot pops up offering instructions or links to branded document articles or your existing documentation.

It's easy to setup and clients love it since they get a fast solution to their problem. And that's what users want 'fast and accurate' support, not every ticket needs a hand holding experience - the client is busy!

The goal is to reduce tickets by 5-10% by cutting out unnecessary tickets.

Smart Engineer Bot

With our Smart Engineer Bots you can insert targeted information, links or guides in the ticket for your team.

You assign the bot to a client and ticket type and when the ticket arrives the Engineer gets instructions and quick links to save time searching.

Use Case 1: Imagine a new user request comes in, the Engineer needs to follow a process, so instead of searching IT Glue the link is right there.

Use Case 2: Now imagine a client is on alert, they're not happy, you can give your Engineers instructions so they don't make a mistake the client was complaining about.

Smart Engineer Bots make the support process easier for your team.

Training Bots

Once the App is deployed training users is easy with our Training Bots.

These bots pop up once the agent is loaded to welcome the user and guide them to a template training portal page. You can set reminders and this ensures maximum utilization of the App. 

You can even setup 'on demand' training bots to train clients on anything you like e.g. Network Upgrades or other changes.

Training Bots use automation to ensure maximum utilization of the App - all the time. Remember clients have staff churn all the time so you want to ensure you have automation to keep training users.

Feedback Bot

When a user logs their first ticket the Invarosoft platform will collect feedback so you know what they like about ITSupportPanel.

You'll get emailed the feedback and can search under reports.

It's all about user engagement and this makes it a special experience for the user.

What else can Invarosoft do..?

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