June 18, 2022 By Jamie Warner

Invarosoft CSAT Product Release 2022

CSAT Product Release 2022

➡️ CSAT Overview

We’re super excited to release our CSAT ‘Basic’ tool enabling you to consolidate your stack with Invarosoft and get the best customer feedback in the one platform. We’re calling it ‘basic’ because it’s not fully integrated with the PSA yet (meaning the user still has to fill in their details) but we’ll achieve this in V2 along with our Push CSAT functionality which will be the first of it’s kind in the industry.

If you want a basic, strong and flexible CSAT solution this will work really well.



➡️ Included in Subscription

Existing Invarosoft partners get this functionality included in their subscription.


➡️ Features

  • CSAT Surveys
  • URL Links
  • Dashboards (e.g. Service Desk, On-boarding, Projects)
  • Reporting
  • Multiple Feedback Option Definitions (e.g. Bad/Average/Good/Great)



➡️ Setup Instructions

Step 1 – Setup Dashboards

Go to ITNEWSPANEL / CSAT / DASHBOARDS Have a think about the surveys you want to create and then start with creating some dashboards. For example these are probably the big three (3):

  • Service Desk
  • On-Boarding
  • Projects

You’ll be able to review Dashboard reports once you have survey results.


Step 2 – Setup CSAT Surveys

Go to ITNEWSPANEL / CSAT / CSAT and setup your surveys. It’s pretty self-explanatory. You’ll be able to tag which dashboard it relates to because of Step 1 first.


Step 3 – Use the CSAT Link

To get the link for the CSAT simply go to the CSAT page and click the URL button. Now you can send and use as you like. The common use cases are:


  • Image in Ticket Emails with link inserted (Service Desk)
  • Sending the link directly to a customer (On-boarding, Projects)


Step 4 – Email Notifications

You don’t need to do anything here,  but when you get a notification (image above) you’ll see the feedback information from the user and be able to click the ORANGE button (which needs fixing) to view the feedback report.


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