May 18, 2023 By Jamie Warner

Invarosoft Features Releases Q2 2023

The Invarosoft team is super excited to announce the launch of our latest feature releases.



We’re excited to have released our updated CSAT Feedback functionality. You can now paste our script into your ticket emails to simplify the feedback process and provide enhanced reporting. The updates include:

  • Code Snippet
  • 1 Click Feedback + Optional Comment
  • Enhanced reporting

So we now have a competitive solution to reduce your stack costs for basic CSAT requirements.



Microsoft Secure Score Reporting

We’re really excited by this release, you can now include your clients Microsoft Secure Score in the Invarosoft Client Portal on-demand AND you can include it optionally in our vCIO Reports.

How It Works

You will need to update your Azure AD integration with the new Powershell Script to get this working in the portal:

  1. Partner Integration – Update Powershell Script on INTEGRATIONS via the button.
  2. Direct Connection – Update Powershell Script on CLIENTS / AZURE AD via the button.







ITSupportPanel Agent Update

We now released the new version of ITSupportPanel with the following release notes:

  • New Version 22.24.14487.1
  • Bug Fixes
  • Live Chat Fixes
  • Form Ordering Functionality



Ticket Form Ordering

With the new version of ITSupportPanel you can now have multiple Ticket Forms attached to a ticket type and then control the order of those ticket types.





ITControlPanel V2

With the new ITSupportPanel Agent we’ve managed to release some bug fixes for ITControlPanel Live Chat and some additional functionality:


  • Enhanced SAVE CHAT functionality.
  • Company Name and Ticket Description on in-coming Chat request.
  • Name and company of the person you’re chatting to at the top of the chat.
  • Bug Fixes
  • Speed Enhancements


This version is now available under ITCONTROLPANEL in the portal to download and use.





Questions or Setup Assistance?

If you would like some training, setup assistance or overview of the features you might not be using, feel free to reach out below and book a time.

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