March 15, 2019 By Jamie Warner

How to improve your ticket KPIs with ITSupportPanel

Your MSPs goal for optimal performance is to get 60% of your tickets via ITSupportPanel and 40% via phone. Let me explain.

The Ticket Quantity Formula

We have worked out a formula to determine how many tickets per day you will receive for IT Support.

  • For every 100 desktops/laptops you manage you will get 3-4 tickets per day.
  • So if you manage 1000 desktops/laptops, you should get 1000/100 x 3 or 4 = 30 to 40 tickets per day.
  • These tickets include ‘change requests’, ‘technical faults’ and ‘general sales or account’ requests – not RMM alerts.

Calculate the formula for your MSP – are we close?

The Zero (0) Ticket Myth

I’ve had my MSP since 2000 and over this time I always hear MSPs talk about best practice is solving the problems so you don’t get tickets. I don’t disagree it’s a great goal to aspire to, however, they forget that 50% of tickets that come through are for ‘change requests’, such as, new user setups, change mailbox permissions, setup printers etc etc.

You can’t get to (0) but you you can improve your productivity.

Typical MSP Support Channel Statistics

Most MSPs are setup as follows in regards to the support channels they have and the quantity of tickets they get. Let’s use an MSP with 1000 desktops/laptops as an example based on 30 tickets per day.

Scenario 1

Email:  40% 12 Tickets
Phone: 60% 18 Tickets

Scenario 2

Email:  47.5% 14.25 Tickets
Phone: 47.5% 14.25 Tickets
Web Portal: 5% 1.5 Tickets

Scenario 3

Email:  33% 9.9 Tickets
Phone: 33% 9.9 Tickets
RMM: 33% 9.9 Tickets

Which scenario best resembles your MSP?

The Problem

There are some intrinsic problems with these support channels which impact your customer experience and productivity negatively.

Email Problems

  1. You don’t get the correct information over 50% of the time because the client doesn’t know what to say. I bet you’ve had the most bizarre subject lines in tickets?
  2. It’s a productivity killers because you have to triage the ticket, go back to the client, constantly select the type and sub type etc.
  3. The client gets frustrated because they don’t know what to give you.
  4. It’s hard to find and standardize the address across every device.

You can read more aboutEmail vs ITSupportPanel.

Phone Problems

  1. Phone is important for urgent requests, BUT, if you’re getting phone calls for requests that could have been logged then it’s really a waste of everyone’s precious time and productivity.

Web Portal Problems

  1. Simply put, no-one can find the web portal, so they never get used.

60% via ITSupportPanel & 40% via Phone

For optimal performance, your MSPs goal should be to replace ‘support@’ with ITSupportPanel so you can improve your customer experience (CX) and increase productivity.

Your in-bound ticket statistics should look ‘approximately’ as follows once you have deployed ITSupportPanel to all clients and trained them on how to use the product. It will obviously fluctuate from week to week, but your average should be targeting this goal.

The reason ITSupportPanel can get such a high utilization is because it’s easy to find, easy to use and the user doesn’t have to login.

ITSupportPanel: 60% 18 Tickets
Phone 40% 12 Tickets

The Result

Your results should include:

  1. Increased productivity by getting the right information the first time compared to ‘support@’. Now you get type, sub-type, company name, user name, form data, screen shot information.
  2. Increased productivity by not having to call or email the client back to get the right information.
  3. Increased productivity with less ticket triage.
  4. Increased efficiencies around ‘approval’ processes by no-longer having to call the client to confirm approvals.
  5. Less phone calls for ‘change requests’ enabling your team to be more efficient.
  6. Less phone calls to your mobile phone because the App is easy to find.
  7. Less phone calls around critical outages by sending ‘push notifications’ to let clients know you’re working on the issue.
  8. Happier Engineers with a more efficient process.
  9. Happier Clients because you just made their lives easier.
  10. Faster setup process for New Users with custom forms.
  11. Industry leading on-boarding experience by using Push Notifications which link to cartoon
    how to use our services video‘ to train clients on your services.

Deployment Statistics

We have calculated the average deployment time-frame and the good news is it’s lightening fast compared to implementing a new PSA.

Portal Training: 1 Hour VP, Client Success
Deployment Training: 2 Hours VP, Engineering
App Setup: 2 Hours Configure App
Deployment: 1 Hour / 10 Clients 30 Clients = 3 Hours

So it shouldn’t take more than 1 business day (spread over a number of days) to deploy for most MSPs.


The only way to scale your MSP is to ensure you are performing at an optimal level.

Most MSPs don’t understand that the biggest killer of productivity is actually email support ‘support@’. They also don’t understand that in a modern ‘App Economy‘ our clients are looking for a better customer experience (CX). You may say “oh but my clients aren’t asking for a better experience” well the answer to that is no-one asked for the iPhone either, sometimes you have to lead the way like Steve Jobs did.

The question therefore is are you ready to transition your MSP2.0 to a best practice modern MSP3.0 approach?


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