January 23, 2018 By Jamie Warner

Why Your MSP or IT Department Should Replace Email Support with an App

We believe your clients and your staff are waiting for you to deliver a better IT support experience. It’s an app economy, people love using apps, so why are we stuck in the past with email? Here are the top 10 reasons why your MSP or IT Department should replace email support with our customizable app ITSupportPanel™.

#1Email is hard to remember

How do you ensure EVERY person you support knows your email address? The reality is they don’t which increases frustration.

#2 – Email increases calls

The reason most MSPs and IT Departments get a lot of phone calls is because the end user doesn’t know your email address. It’s that simple. An App solves that problem.

#3 – Email is a waste of productivity

When you get an email in your PSA, it doesn’t come with all the ticket fields completed which incrementally wastes Engineer productivity doing admin.

#4 – Email ends up in double handling

It is very common that end users don’t provide you with all the information via email so you end up having to go back and forward to get this info.

#5 – Email isn’t a great customer or staff experience

Email is not a great way to wrap your brand or deliver great customer service to your clients or staff as it relates to IT support. Neither are stickers, mouse pads or squeezy balls. A beautiful App, that’s easy to use, on every device, is much better!

#6 – Email adds no value

With ITSupportPanel you can customize the app for your clients requirements via custom buttons & ITAppsPanel which makes accessing their apps easy!

#7 – Emails don’t help you communicate

Email is the common form to commicate to your clients BUT it’s usually only to the main contacts. ITSupportPanel means every user sees your news!

#8 – Email isn’t sticky

When you have an App on their desktop it becomes part of their business process and if it’s customized to them it is a very sticky tool for your services.

#9 – Email doesn’t promote your brand

Being able to digitially wrap your brand over every device, Windows, Mac, iOS and Android it a wonderful way to promote your brand OR promote how good the IT department’s services are.

#10 – Email is not a differentiator

When you are selling your services ITSupportPanel provides a visible difference and added value which clients love. You’ll win more monthly support deals!

Find out how ITSupportPanel is solving this problem via our customizable App which the industry is raving about! 

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