December 12, 2017 By Jamie Warner

Has Your MSP Joined the App Economy?

If it’s not already obvious, there seems to be an App for everything. Social, banking, music, health, reading, the list goes on. But hang on a minute. Where’s the App for IT Support? Why hasn’t the IT Support industry joined the App Economy? Should we be embarrassed?

This is the question I asked my MSP, eNerds, back in 2009 and the reason we built ITSupportPanel. We wanted to help MSPs deliver a powerful white label App experience to their clients with complete customization across clients and users.

Why Haven’t End Users Asked for an IT Support App?

Did anyone ask Steve Jobs to build the iPhone. No.

He visualized the future and how we could interact with technology revolutionizing the way in which we behave and transforming what we could do with our mobile personal computing devices. He made it easy for a Grandmother to use – the result – well we all know that answer..

Your clients aren’t going to proactively ask you for an App. It’s the same principal. They’re waiting patiently for you to transform the way they work with a revolutionary experience.

Why Joining the App Economy is Important for your MSP

A lot of MSPs ask me. Hang on will they use an App for IT Support? Well the answer is YES. I know it works because we have 5000 people using our App since 2009. But WHY do they use it is the better question?

The reasons are as follows:

  1. We’re in an App world. There’s an App for everything. ITS EXPECTED despite it not being asked for.
  2. What’s easier. Trying to find a PSA Web Portal – NO. Trying to remember the email address for support – NO. Trying to remember a phone number – NO. Clicking a button – YES.
  3. The end user is already educated on how to use Apps. Thanks Apple & Samsung!
  4. We are solving a behavioral issue. End users will use the easiest method to do something. Right now it’s the phone. It should be an App.

MSPs Should Be Embarrassed!

The App revolution has already come. For some reason the world of IT Support missed the boat. Quite frankly it’s embarrassing for MSPs and IT Departments. We’re supposed to be technologists, forward thinking and moving with the times. But no we still torture our clients with some of the oldest technology available – Phone and Email.

To App or Not to App – That is the Question..

Yes you should.

With ITSupportPanel you can deliver a whitelabelled App on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices. Clients love it. They’ll love you for bringing their IT Support into the modern era.

Steve Jobs would be proud of you.


Find out how ITSupportPanel is solving this problem via our customizable Client Portal App which the industry is raving about! 

To your MSP success!

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