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Supercharge your Client Experience, Communication, Engineer Productivity and Differentiate your TL Franchise to win more MRR support deals with the TeamLogic IT Client Portal designed by Invarosoft.



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Client Portal App

With our Client Portal App (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android & Teams) you can give clients everything they need in one pane of glass AND get the ‘perfect ticket’ every time!



Client Portal

The TeamLogic IT Client Portal is jam packed full of functionality enabling you to show clients everything they need from tickets to reports.



Client Portal Features

  • Ticket Portal (AutoTask Sync) 
  • Approvals
  • vCIO / TBR Reports
  • Service Catalog’s
  • O365 Reports
  • Device Reports
  • Knowledgebase
  • Training
  • Staff Directory
  • CSAT
  • On-Boarding & Off-Boarding Web Forms
  • Customizable Home Page
  • Customizable Per Client



vCIO / TBR Platform

The Invarosoft vCIO platform aligns to your TBR methodology helping you produce reports QUICKLY and EASILY to clients.

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With our Audit functionality you can keep a repository of your clients Audits, tag them with a status (Green, Yellow, Red), comment and even log tickets against those items if an Engineer spots something which needs to be fixed.

You can use TeamLogic TBR templates to make the process super fast.



TBR Presentation

Our TBR presentation is the best in market.

From our own MSPs experience (50 staff) we felt it was important to produce something easy for the customer to understand and ultimately make a buying decision once the recommendations have been presented.

Once you’ve done an Audit our presentations are lightening fast to produce!


TBR – Overview

The overview section is designed to introduce the meeting, discuss their goals and ask them if they have any questions. 



TBR – Audit

Our Audit is beautifully displayed in a Green, Yellow, Red traffic light system (you can choose the color) to make it easy for the client to see what you’ve ascertained from your Audit.

We believe less is more in this section with the key point of showing the customer the good, medium term and short term concerns. It’s perfect for showing your technical acumen.

You can compliment this page by inserting the following reports:

  • O365 License Report
  • O365 User Report
  • Device Report
  • Custom Pages



TBR – Recommendations

Once you’ve discussed your Audit findings, the client will usually ask what you recommend and ‘how much’ to resolve the issues.

You can present your findings exactly the way you normally do but faster and easier.  You can present your recommendations using one (1), two (2) or three (3) options and all recommendations automatically add the price for the client to generate interactive price estimates.




TBR – Roadmap

Our Roadmap is designed to show the client you have a plan and the plan is visible at any time in their Client Portal. It takes the ‘darkness’ away instantly showing visible value.

Clients can comment on Roadmap items to make the experience interactive.



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