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Key Features

Teams App + O365 PSA Sync
Deliver a superior Customer Experience in 30-60 minutes (average setup time). Your clients already work inside Microsoft Teams so make it easy for them to access IT Support and their Client Portal. You can also save hours updating your PSA with our powerful O365 PSA User Sync. It’s time to stop giving clients old-fashioned mouse-pads and stickers 😊.

Client Portal
The Invarosoft CX Platform delivers an O365 Integrated Client Portal which is completely customizable and includes; Tickets, Approvals, vCIO, Service Catalog, Device Listing, O365 Reporting, Knowledgebase, Training + more.

vCIO Platform
Reduce stack bloat with the best vCIO Platform on the market. You can present your recommendations using the buying psychology of Good/Better/Best.

Live Chat, Identity Security, Secure 2FA Messaging
With ITControlPanel your Engineers get a powerful application to manage Live Chat, Identity Security, Secure 2FA Messaging, Push Messaging + more!

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No Risk: Select Subscription Start Date
• Setup Time 30-60 Minutes on Average
• Includes; Teams App, Client Portal, O365 PSA Sync and Approvals
• Month to Month Licensing Model
• Designed for Small, Medium & Large MSPs

  • 100 Users $89 /m 2 Months Free
    250 Users $129 /m 2 Months Free
    500 Users $149 /m 2 Months Free
    1000 Users $189 /m 2 Months Free
    2500 Users $299 /m 2 Months Free
    5000 Users $549 /m 2 Months Free
  • Standard $289 Includes: 12 Months Support, Dedicated Success Team, Portal Training, Deployment Training and Best Practice Guides.
    Premium $489 Includes: Standard + Dedicated Success Manager.

  • Monthly subscription will not be charged until this date.

  • Once you register for this exclusive deal you get the following;
    • Access to the Invarosoft platform.
    • Setup wizard welcome email.
    • Products Included in the Standard Package: Teams App, O365 PSA User Sync, Client Portal, Approvals, Sentiment Analysis + more. Refer here for more information on inclusions.
    • 25 Users to use until your subscription start date.
    • The license package selected will be activated on the nominated start date.
    • Billing is in USD.
    • The subscription is charged monthly on/after the first day of the month.
    • The on-boarding & consulting fees are charged upfront upon sign up.
    • The license agreement is monthly.

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