January 29, 2018 By Jamie Warner

Why ITSupportPanel™ is better than an RMM Agent for Support

ITSupportPanel (ITSP) is a massive step up from your RMM Agent for support. You still need your RMM, but our intuitive app is the ‘one-pane of glass’ for the end user to access ALL of your IT services.

#1ITSP actually gets used

The common feedback is that end users don’t use the RMM agent so why would they use ITSP? The secret source is the easy to find ‘IT’ button. It’s that simple.

#2 – ITSP reduces phone calls

Our software is easy to find, easy to use and can be accessed across Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. It solves a behavioural problem which reduces calls.

#3 – ITSP is extremely customizable

An RMM agent is NOT customizable. With ITSP you can customize
appearances, buttons, news and apps per client, per user or per agent!

#4 – ITSP adds meaningful value

When you customize the app for your client and in particular use ITAppsPanel, you instantly add more value to your customers.

#5 – ITSP helps you communicate

Your RMM agent can’t publish news articles which click through to URL links.
ITNewsPanel enables you to have ALL end users reading your news.

#6 – ITSP is incredibly sticky

The more you customize ITSP for your clients, the sticker you make your services, which in turn reduces client churn.

#7 – ITSP differentiates your services

We’re in an App world, so to deliver a customized app for your clients is a major differentiation point when selling your services. You’ll win more support deals!

#8 – ITSP promotes your brand

Your RMM agent is hardly a spectacular looking alternative. Promote your brand, logo & colors across 100s or 1000s of devices and increase referrals.

#9 – ITSP increases Engineer productivity

Because end users actually use the software, this reduces phone calls and PSA admin. This saves time and increases your Engineers’ day to day productivity.

#10 – ITSP is the gateway to ALL your services

You can customize buttons to other services such as IT Glue, Brightgauge,
Wise-Sync and Passportal etc so it’s truly the gateway to ALL of your services.

Find out how ITSupportPanel is solving this problem via our customizable App which the industry is raving about! 

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