October 20, 2017 By Jamie Warner

Why is your MSP customer experience so poor?

You might not have realized but your end user IT Support experience is less than impressive. But don’t worry it’s not your fault, you’re just stuck in IT Support 1.0. The next evolution is coming and today I’ll explain about IT Support 2.0.

IT Support 1.0

The traditional approach for delivering IT Support, I like to call IT Support 1.0,  has been Phone, Email and Web Portals.  The problem with this methodology is:

  • Phone. Phone calls take time and you can’t multi-task easily.
  • Email. Email is very common for the end user but you usually don’t get the right information meaning you have to call/email back, wasting productivity, and it doesn’t give you the node information. Read more about why Email should be replaced by an App.
  • Web Portals. Well it’s proven that end users don’t use them because they don’t know how to get there and when they do they need to login. It’s painful. Read more here on this point.

Surely something has to change. The poor old end user. The one paying your bills, hasn’t got a very modern easy way to communicate with you and use your services.

IT Support 2.0 (Replace Email with an App)

So if that’s IT Support 1.0 what is IT Support 2.0?

The next evolution is replacing email with an App that you can deploy across your Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices. Suddenly the end user experience just get’s a massive upgrade. This App is called ITSupportPanel and it was invented by an MSP for MSPs to solve this very problem and to move the industry into a new paradigm.

So why is an App better than version 1.0?

  • Reduces Phone Calls. People call you because Email and Web Portals are often a pain to remember or find. By solving this behavioral issue phone calls reduce by up to 50%!
  • Get More Info Than Email. By getting the end user to complete a ticket you get more info, the fields are completed in your PSA and you get the device details. You also increase your Engineers productivity by saving them so much time with the admin of the tickets.
  • Increase Brand Awareness of your MSP. The power of digitally wrapping your brand helps to deliver visible value and increase referrals.
  • Add Value by Customizing Per Client. You get to configure the App per client or per user. You can customize the branding and buttons to link to whatever you need.
  • Stay Top of Mind and Broadcast News. You can broadcast news across all clients or one client or one user.
  • Make Your Services Sticky by Customizing Apps Per Client. You can put your clients apps in the portal so it drives them to use it for their daily operations, making your service super sticky, which in turn reduces churn and helps you grow!

Stop Thinking From Your Perspective

I met a lot of MSPs and they always think from their perspective in regards to IT Support not the clients. To be fair they think from the clients perspective for consulting and road maps BUT for day to day support it’s from their perspective. I don’t think many MSPs think that email and phone is frustrating. In my MSP I stopped thinking that way in 2009 and that’s why we invented ITSupportPanel.

Let me tell you from experience – most end users don’t like Email or Web Portals!

They put up with this method because they don’t know any better. No one asked for the iPhone to be invented, but it doesn’t mean there wasn’t a problem in the approach. Look what the iPhone did. Imagine doing the same for IT Support.

What Can You Do About It?

Acknowledge the Problem
Well, firstly acknowledge IT Support 1.0 is the old way of doing things and client’s don’t love it.

Understand the Solution (Replace Email with an App)
Then understand you can greatly improve the customer experience by giving them a powerful customizable App on every device with your brand on it, then you’re starting to get the point of where the industry is going.

Our product ITSupportPanel is not designed to replace what you’re doing. It’s designed to sit in the middle and be the gateway for the end user to access ALL of your IT Systems from a simple ‘IT Button’. Clients will love you for making their lives easier. Happy clients don’t churn. Happy clients refer you to other businesses so you sign up more MRR deals.

So are you delivering a kick ass customer service experience? Or are you stuck in IT Support 1.0 torturing your clients with the old way of doing things?

Food for thought :-).

Find out how ITSupportPanel is solving this problem via our customizable Client Portal App which the industry is raving about! 

To your MSP success!

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