June 1, 2017 By Jamie Warner

Why Invarosoft?

Firstly, thanks for reading our first post! My name is Jamie Warner and I’m the CEO and Founder of Invarosoft™. I’ve been in the industry for a long time and started my MSP when I was 22 in 2000, right in the middle of the dot com crash. We have grown eNerds™ over 17 years to be one of Australia’s best MSPs for small to medium businesses. eNerds now employs over 40 staff across 3 cities and we manage over 5000 users across 10,000 devices.

The company has been so successful that we have been listed in the MSPmentor 501 since 2011 and won SMB Partner of the Year in 2015, 2016 and 2017 at the ARN IT Industry Awards. I was also honored to be recognized twice in the MSPmentor 250 list recognizing the world’s leading MSP entrepreneurs and executives which was quite humbling.

Over my 17 years I’ve literally grown up in the IT Support Industry and have loved the journey along the way. With eNerds in the capable hands of an excellent management team, I’m now excited to be embarking on another journey to bring to the IT industry a completely new product category, Client Portal Software, which I hope the MSP community will love as much as we have.

The History

In 2009 I had a bit of an epiphany.  I realized when we signed up a new monthly support client, we didn’t really provide a good experience to the end user. It was difficult to immediately give 25, 50 or 100 users visibility of us as their new IT provider. The old method of mouse pads, squeezy balls and stickers seemed so 1990’s. I thought to myself there had to be a better more modern way to brand my services and improve productivity, so in 2010 an early version of ITSupportPanel™ was born.

We decided to create a platform that enabled end users to see a streamlined branded portal App across all devices to access IT Support, log tickets, provide feedback, read news and much more.

Simply put, clients absolutely loved the software.  We used to hear them say ‘where’s my IT button’ all the time when new users joined our clients.

I found it was an immediate success and it quickly became the flagship unique selling proposition in our crowded MSP market (our city has 5 million people).  I realized that most of our MSP competitors used the same great ‘below the line’ PSA, RMM & documentation tools, but nothing to provide on-going value for end users. ITSupportPanel provided us for the first time an ‘above the line’ branded platform which clients could use every day to increase their productivity. I can honestly say it enabled us to win more monthly support deals by differentiating ourselves, it reduced in-bound support calls by a staggering 50%, it helped increase our referrals and NPS scores. The best value we got was it gave eNerds something we could charge for since it’s software they would use every day. We increased our annual profit by $100,000 (100 clients x $85 per month). How awesome is that!

So I decided to launch Invarosoft™ in 2017 to take this innovation global and we now have a ‘patent pending‘ for ITSupportPanel™, ITNewsPanel™ and ITAppsPanel™.

Our Purpose

Invarosoft’s purpose is to help you ‘be remarkable’ so you can scale your MSP or ITSP profitability. I personally want to ensure every Partner of Invarosoft gets the same benefits we did and a quantifiable 10x ROI from their investment in ITSupportPanel.

Free Trial

From the get go we want to make it easy for you to trial our products and understand pricing. We have provided a 30 Day Free Trial and our pricing is public, clear and designed to give you cost certainty. I truly believe you can get a 10x ‘measurable’ ROI on our products so if you’re interested please get in touch.

I recommend you download our free trial if any of the following resonate with you:

  1. When you try and sell your services you find that your competitors all look exactly the same. They all have a PSA and RMM software and they all claim to have the best staff, the best knowledge, the best suite of services. How does a client choose between you and them?
  2. You’re looking for ways to improve annual profit margins.
  3. You’re looking for ways to make clients happier and actually deliver visible value around your support.
  4. You’re trying to improve your Net Promoter Score (NPS).
  5. You’re trying to increase productivity.
  6. You get most of your IT Support requests over the phone compared to the PSA web portal which decreases your capacity because your Engineers can’t focus on multiple tickets.
  7. If you get them over email, your Engineers have to complete the tickets by filling in the fields in your PSA which wastes time.
  8. You’ve got a PSA, RMM and Documentation solution sorted, but are you still asking new clients for a spreadsheet of their users to update your PSA. We have an Active Director Harvester that does it automatically…

Free Trial >

My final thought is this. If you’re an innovative MSP or IT Service Provider looking to differentiate yourself against your competitors, or, if you would like to get more MRR deals, more referrals and increased profits, then Invarosoft can supercharge your PSA and help you deliver a ‘remarkable’ experience. I promise you your clients will absolutely love your branded ITSupportPanel.

To your continued success!

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