Give Users an IT Button in Teams

Replace the stickers you're currently providing to clients with a modern Teams App for your PSA. It's affordable and fast to setup (30 mins) giving you:

  • Ticket Logging
  • Client Portal
  • O365 Integration
  • Custom Buttons (e.g Access your existing Client  Portal)
  • SSO Buttons (ConnectBooster, WisePay, BiggerBrains)
  • News Flicker
  • Contact Details
  • Fully Branded

Client Portal

The Invarosoft Client Portal is the most powerful and customizable in the market giving you:

  • Tickets (Syncs with PSA)
  • Approvals
  • Service Catalog
  • Web Forms
  • Knowledgebase
  • Training
  • O365 Licensing Reports
  • O365 User Reports
  • Feedback
  • On-Boarding
  • Custom Pages

O365 PSA User Sync

With our O365 PSA User Sync you can keep your users up to date in your PSA instantly saving you hours and hours of administration.  You can sync:

  • Subscribed O365 Users
  • Azure AD Users

Instant ROI

You get an instant ROI by being able to sync O365 users into your PSA.

The average setup time is 30 minutes.

So in a matter of minutes you're saving yourself hours and hours of admin time keeping the PSA updated. We know you're time poor so we designed the product to be a 'small task' giving you an instant ROI.

What else can Invarosoft do..?

Read more about our CX Platform features below:

Client Portal Live Chat   Push Alerts 

  Self-Service    Automation       vCIO     

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