February 12, 2021 By Jamie Warner

Invarosoft® News Flash – Invarosoft Responds to CloudRadial

Invarosoft Responds to CloudRadial
Launching Client Portal, vCIO, Teams App + O365 Integrations 🔥


Invarosoft is about to ignite the MSP market with a viable alternative to CloudRadial powered by some impending releases to their MSP CX Platform coming soon in Q2 & Q3.

Invarosoft CEO, Jamie Warner, says “Invarosoft is excited to enter to market to deliver an integrated Client Portal, vCIO Platform, O365 Integration and Microsoft Teams App based on partner demand. 
In doing so we will deliver a red hot alternative to CloudRadial and we believe the complete solution which will be hard to compete against.”

The roadmap includes some key functionality to compliment the current Invarosoft End-User Experience (ITSupportPanel®) and Tech Tools (ITControlPanel® – Live Chat, Identity Security, 2FA Messaging etc). 

Client Portal (Q2 2021)
The Invarosoft client portal will be easier to setup, will showcase your brand better than any other platform and will include the following key features in V1:

  • Fully Branded Portal (Colors, Logo etc)
  • Home Page (Customizable)
  • Tickets
  • Approvals
  • Service Catalog
  • vCIO
  • Devices (Desktops/Laptops displayed with Traffic Light System)
  • Knowledgebase
  • Training (V2 will include integrations with BiggerBrains)
  • O365 Licenses
  • Custom Pages


vCIO (Q2 2021)
Invarosoft’s vCIO platform will put the heat on CloudRadial with a much more comprehensive solution powered by Good/Better/Best selling psychology which will be a unique advantage against all other vCIO tools.

You’ll be able to present your findings in a beautiful presentation in the Client Portal which includes:

  • ICT Overview
  • ICT Audit (Traffic Light System)
  • ICT Recommendations (Good / Better / Best)
  • ICT Roadmap

CEO, Jamie Warner, says “our innovative vCIO platform will deliver the best solution in the market to help MSPs not only present their technical acumen at identifying issues, but enabling them to increase their sales success by presenting the information using Good/Better/Best so the client has options, feels involved in the buyer process and can match their budget without feeling the need to get a comparison quote. It’s ground breaking stuff powered by our 45 person MSPs IP – it works!”


O365 Azure AD Integration (Q2 2021)
The Invarosoft O365 Azure AD integration will super charge the platform and provide MSPs with the insights they need. The integration will seamlessly deliver the following funtionality:

  • Sync users from O365 into the PSA
  • Auto-authenticate our Desktop App (ITSupportPanel)
  • Show subscriptions in the Client Portal
  • Include O365 customized reports to send to clients.


Microsoft Teams App (Q3 2021)
Invarosoft understands the need to be omni-present in terms of the end user experience, so we will be releasing our Teams App in Q3.

Invarosoft CEO, Jamie Warner, says “we will continue to follow our belief that a simple and easy to understand user experience is essential to ensuring you get the highest utilization of the platform.”

We hope this article provides some visibility into the Invarosoft roadmap and the exciting things coming to our MSP CX Platform.

The competition is heating up so if you’re considering Invarosoft vs CloudRadial you now have an alternative which has the #1 end user experience, #1 tech tools (ITControlPanel, vCIO) and soon to be #1 O365 integrated client portal.


Feature Releases (Q4 2020)

In Q4 2020 Invarosoft released a powerful App for your Engineers called ITControlPanel which gives you some amazing functionality in one seamless experience:

  • Live Chat
  • Secure Caller Verification (Identity Security)
  • Secure 2FA Messaging
  • Push Messaging
  • Fast Ticket Logging

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