September 27, 2018 By Jamie Warner

Feature Releases | Latest Agent, Client Filtering, App Path Lookup, Portal Logins

Feature Release
Latest Agent Release 18.47
We have now officially released our latest Windows Agent to ‘stable’ which is 18.47. It includes bug fixes and feature enhancements such as the ability to hide the ‘Affected User’ field and run ‘AppPath Look Up Executions’ mentioned below.

Push Notifications
Cut through the noise of email and communicate with beautiful branded Push Notifications direct to your staff. Works across Windows, iOS and Android devices (Mac coming soon).

You can send notifications to users, clients or groups of people (e.g. Sales, Marketing or Finance departments). You can even select from 6 colors based on status and send either a ‘dialog’ large notification or ‘toast’ smaller notification.

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Client Filtering
By popular demand you can now filter your clients in the Invarosoft portal.

N.B. This feature applies to those partners using our PSA integration version.

Portal Logins
Good news, you can now have multiple logins to the portal. Simply go to MY ACCOUNT / PORTAL LOGINS in the Invarosoft portal to setup additional users.

App Path Lookup Execution
We’ve now made it much easier to launch ‘App Path’ registered applications such as Microsoft Office in ITAppsPanel.

Roadmap Q3
The next major feature release in Q3 will be ‘Approvals’ giving you the ability to assign ‘approvers’ to ticket types and clients.

In Q3 we will also be releasing powerful integrations with ‘WiseSync’ and ‘BiggerBrains’.

If you’re ready to replace old fashioned email support with a remarkable new desktop & mobile App book a demo of ITSupportPanel.

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