July 30, 2018 By Jamie Warner

Invarosoft Feature Spotlight – Push Notifications

In today’s ‘feature spotlight’ learn how our powerful feature ‘push notifications’ will help your MSP or IT Department cut through the noise of email.

The Problem = Users Don’t Read Email
The reality is we ALL get far too much email. Your clients or staff are in the same boat.

Imagine trying to send an email about the latest Phishing Scam, Network Upgrade or for On-boarding, it’s usually never going to be read. If the message doesn’t get read then this causes a communication problem which can lead to frustration, confusion or missed actions.

The Solution = Push Notifications
To solve that problem we have built ‘push notifications’ into ITSupportPanel.

Windows, iOS & Android
Works across Windows, iOS and Android devices. Mac coming soon. The user has to click the message for it to disappear.

Fully Branded
On Windows the Push Notifications take your ‘default’ theme and have your company logo and colors.

Sending Options
Send To
You can send to users, agents, clients OR groups. Create a custom group for your ‘main contacts’ or ‘managers’ to keep them updated.

Push Type
You can have standard large ‘dialog’ push notifications OR ‘toast’ smaller notifications.

6 Color Options
You have 6 color options to choose from to match the urgency of the message.

You can link the Push Notification to a URL such as a BLOG article or landing page.

Use Cases
On-Boarding New Clients
When you on-board a new client with 25 staff, how do ALL the users know how to contact your services? Imagine being able to send a Push Notification to their devices welcoming them as a client or new staff member and showing them how to use ITSupportPanel via video training or a BLOG article about your services. It’s instant visibility of how great your service or IT Department is from day one!

Network Upgrades
Now you can set expectation with clients and staff without any confusion about a network upgrade which may have ‘controlled outages’.

Latest Crypto or Phishing Emails
Send out a Push Notification to alert users to the latest threat.

Staff Announcements
For IT Departments now you have the perfect method to send important notifications to staff to ensure they read the message.

NPS & CSAT Surveys
Now you can send out NPS and CSAT surveys and get a higher participation since the message won’t be missed.

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