February 16, 2023 By Jamie Warner

CloudRadial Competitor Invarosoft® Comments On $3M Growth Capital Announcement

Invarosoft® CEO, Jamie Warner, comments on CloudRadial’s recent $3M capital announcement with Cypress Growth Capital.

By Jamie Warner

Firstly, congratulations to Jeff, Saffie and the team, it’s an exciting time in the MSP SaaS space and this announcement is testament to their hard work and dedication to help build the Customer Experience (CX) and Client Services Automation (CSA) category.

What does this mean for Invarosoft®?

Our approach is to boot-strap and continue to scale the business globally. We’ve got 100’s of partners world wide so of a similar size, client acquisition is speeding up, we’ve got plenty of cash in the bank and the ability to execute on both product and our sales & marketing initiatives.

So Invarosoft is in growth mode and we’re currently scaling the team.

We’re definitely CloudRadial’s number one (1) competitor, so we’ll keep them on their toes and ensure MSPs looking to modernize their CX get the best technology available. That’s what competition brings to the table which can only be a good thing for the market.

The competition between Invarosoft and CloudRadial will heat up over the next few years so we’re excited to jointly build out the MSP Customer Experience (CX) and Client Services Automation (CSA) category.

What does the announcement mean for the MSP CX and CSA category?

Well it just shows that the days of MSPs giving clients a 1990’s mouse pad and sticker, with your phone and email details, are well and truly coming to an end.

As discussed in this article, 95% of the 150,000 MSPs globally still provide support to their valued customers via Phone and Email. They give those details to clients on mouse pads and stickers. They then preach to clients about all the fabulous advancements in technology they can use in their businesses, but continue to deliver their services using the oldest of methods.

As a technologist and trusted IT advisor, it’s somewhat ironic right?

That’s why the work CloudRadial and Invarosoft are both doing to modernize and digitize this customer experience (CX) is so important. This announcement essentially rubber stamps that this category is fast becoming the new ‘must have’ in the industry. For so long the conversation has been about which PSA, RMM and Documentation platform you’ll use, but soon that will also include what CX or CSA platform are you going to use.

Clients want more than this Nokia experience and the more MSPs upgrade this aspect of their business, the more MSPs will have to follow suit in upgrading their CX otherwise they’ll simply get left behind.

So the CloudRadial announcement is fantastic news for the CX & CSA category that’s for sure and we’re really excited.

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