February 12, 2023 By Jamie Warner

Get The MSP Digital Mouse Pad

Most MSPs operate their services like it was the late 1990’s or early 2000’s.

95% of the 150,000 MSPs globally still provide support to their valued customers via Phone and Email. They give those details to clients on mouse pads and stickers. They then preach to clients about all the fabulous advancements in technology they can use in their businesses, but continue to deliver their services using the oldest of methods.

As a technologist and trusted IT advisor, it’s somewhat ironic right?


What’s The Solution?

Well now you can replace your mouse pads, stickers, pens and squeezy balls with a Digital Mouse Pad (App).

It’s the next evolution of your Customer Experience (CX). Clients get your beautiful branded App across all devices (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Microsoft Teams) giving them access to ALL of your IT Services from one (1) simple button.


What’s the Immediate ROI?

  • Your new App never gets old, worn out or thrown out.
  • It’s much easier to ensure 100% of users have your details.
  • You get the perfect ticket every time with all the data you need (Type, Sub Type, Device Diagnostics, Affected User, Screen Capture, Form Data) improving Engineer productivity (save 3-5 minutes per ticket).
  • You can differentiate your services and win more new clients by showing prospect clients you’re investing to deliver the best IT services experience in your area.
  • You can reduce churn by improving your CX.
  • You get more referrals when users go to another company and suddenly go back to the mouse pad experience.
  • You can improve communication with the Client Portal, Live Chat, Push Alerts (for outages).
  • You can increase security with Identity Security and Secure Messaging.
  • You can make Engineer scheduling a breeze.
  • You can measure client satisfaction with CSAT.
  • You can put your support tools in the App to speed up support when you’re on the phone using our Command Line automation functionality.
  • You can use Self-Service Bots to reduce unnecessary tickets.
  • You can use Training Bots to ensure everyone is trained on the App and new users are trained automatically.
  • You can now offer two (2) support channels with PHONE for urgent and APP for non-urgent. Move your ‘support@’ tickets over to the App and get the immediate benefit. It’s easy.


Get your beautiful branded digital mouse pad (App) and join the 5% of innovative MSPs who already understand this.


How Can You Get Your Digital Mouse Pad (App)?

To investigate whether it’s a fit, we recommend booking in a demo and we’ll show you how it works customized with your MSPs branding.


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