March 29, 2023 By Jamie Warner

Why Logging Tickets Via Email Never Give MSPs & IT Teams The Correct Information?

Email has become one of the most widely used forms of communication in the modern world. Its convenience and ease of use make it the preferred method of communication for most people. However, when it comes to logging tickets for IT support, email can often be a source of frustration for both the IT team and the end-users. In this article, we will explore why logging tickets via email never gives IT teams the correct information and offer some alternatives to make the process smoother.


Why Logging Tickets Via Email Never Gives MSPs & IT Teams The Correct Information?

Lack of Context

Emails are often brief and to the point, lacking the necessary context to provide the IT team with a complete understanding of the issue. End-users may not include essential details like when the problem started, what they were doing when it happened, or any error messages they may have received. This lack of context makes it difficult for the IT team to diagnose and fix the issue.

Vague Information

End-users may not have the technical expertise to describe the issue accurately, leading to vague and confusing information. For example, a user may report that their computer is “not working,” without specifying what exactly is not working. This lack of detail makes it challenging for the IT team to understand the issue and provide a timely resolution.

Incomplete Information

End-users may not provide complete information about the issue they are experiencing. For example, they may fail to include relevant details like their computer’s operating system or the version of software they are using. This incomplete information can lead to delays in resolving the issue as the IT team may need to follow up with the end-user to obtain the missing information.

Inefficient Communication

Email is a one-way communication channel, which means there is no real-time interaction between the end-user and the IT team. This can lead to a back-and-forth exchange of emails as the IT team tries to obtain additional information from the end-user. This inefficient communication process can delay the resolution of the issue, leading to frustration for both the end-user and the IT team.


Alternatives to logging tickets via email

CX App & Client Portal

A customer experience (CX) platform built for IT Teams and MSPs is designed to provide a replacement for email support. You essentially transition the tickets you normally get via ‘support@’ over to a smart App which works on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Microsoft Teams.

The CX App & Client Portal enables users to  have a more advanced interaction with IT enabling them to; log tickets, access their tickets, provide screen shots, send their device diagnostics, interact with self-service bots, access knowledge-base articles, fill in forms for on-boarding and off-boarding, access service catalogs and much more.

The benefit is the user gets a modern easier support methodology over all devices and the IT Team finally gets the correct ticket information.

Replacing ‘support@’ with a CX App will enable you to get 50-60% of your tickets via this methodology thus increasing your productivity by 3-5 minutes per ticket as you stop the issues outlined above.

An example would be ITSupportPanel by Invarosoft that delivers the complete CX experience to front end your ticketing system or PSA of choice.

Chat Support

Once you’ve replaced ‘support@’ Chat support can be added to the CX App to provide another channel for support. Chat support allows end-users to communicate with a support technician via an online chat platform, providing the IT team with an opportunity to ask questions and obtain the necessary information to diagnose and resolve the issue. It also allows for real-time interaction between the end-user and the IT team, making the process more efficient.

In CX platforms like Invarosoft, Chat support is included in the platform.

Recommended Support Channels

The most efficient combination of support channels for users to interact with are the ones which are easy to access and match the requirement. The recommended approach is as follows:

– NON URGENT SUPPORT = CX App & Client Portal

This methodology ensures a modern approach, is simple to understand and is accessible across all devices. The end result for the MSP or IT Team is the highest productivity and operational efficiency around the service desk.


Email is a convenient form of communication, but it is not always the best option for logging IT support tickets. It often lacks context, contains vague and incomplete information, and can lead to inefficient communication. Customer Experience (CX) platforms and chat support are all better alternatives that provide the MSP or IT Team with the necessary information to diagnose and resolve the issue efficiently. By using these alternatives, end-users can receive faster and more effective IT support, leading to improved productivity and reduced frustration.


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