February 17, 2023 By Jamie Warner

Invarosoft vCIO + JSON Feature Release | Product Update Q1 2023

Just a quick update from the Invarosoft product team about our vCIO and JSON release and a general product update for Q1 2023!


vCIO Pricing Configuration

We’re excited to launch the new pricing configuration options for our vCIO Platform. It was a very popular feature request, so this has now been released.

You can now do the following:

  • One Time Price  (e.g. Firewall is $1000)
  • Recurring Price  (e.g. Firewall UFP License $800)
  • Recuring Units   (e.g. Monthly or Yearly)


This is what it looks like in the presentation.

Also, for the vCIO or presenter to remind them of how the recurring figure was calculated, simply highlight over the recurring text to get the automated pop up below.


JSON Data Option

This feature was released and enables you to select the JSON Data option which provide the ticket and web form information in this format so you can utilize your RMM or other automation solution.

We’re currently speaking to REWST to see how we can use this information to activate their automation.

Go to PSA / TICKET CONFIG in the portal to select this option.




End of Q1 Releases Update

Here is the target release schedule for our up-coming product releases.

  • ITControlPanel V2 (End of Q1 or sooner)
  • CSAT V2 (End of Q1)
  • Microsoft Secure Score Reporting (End of Q1)
  • Engineer Scheduling BETA (End of Q1)
  • Warranty Lookup – HP, Dell, Microsoft (End of Q1)


So lots of exciting releases coming which will probably hit like a bit of a wave and obviously please remember the time frames are ‘best effort’. 



Questions or Setup Assistance?

If you would like some training, setup assistance or overview of the features you might not be using, feel free to reach out below and book a time.

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