October 9, 2017 By Jamie Warner

The Missing Piece of the MSP Software Stack

You may not know it, but there is a missing piece of the MSP software stack and it’s starting to become the difference between excellent and average service delivery.

The Current MSP Software Stack

If you’re an MSP charging a monthly fee for managed service contracts you will most likely have all of the available MSP tools available to deliver an excellent service.

  • You have a PSA as your center of truth for CRM, ticketing, sales and projects.
  • You have a great RMM tool for remote management and monitoring.
  • You have a reliable BDR solution.
  • You’ve got finance and email systems humming along.
  • You might have even invested in Documentation and Dashboarding.

However like most MSPs you probably think the PSA web portal for the client is less than impressive!

Have You Noticed Something?

Aside from the terrible web portal, they are ALL internal systems! OK fine some of them have an entry level client interface, but for the most part the heavy use of these systems is by the MSP!

What does the client use? How do they interact with your service?

Have you also noticed that virtually nobody uses your PSA web portal?

So What’s The Missing Piece of the MSP Software Stack?

The fact is the above systems form the foundation of how an MSP must operate. Without them you couldn’t run an efficient business or begin to think of scaling the business.

But there is a missing piece of the puzzle.

Remember your client? The one that pays your bills? Well they are given nothing to make their IT support experience something they would rave about. Nothing except a very hard to find and use PSA web portal.

So what is the missing piece of the MSP software stack?

It’s called Client Portal Software. It’s delivered by a native Client Portal App for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. 

Put the Customer as #1

This new software category helps you put the customer at the center of your IT Support experience. You have your tools. Give them a software tool that increases their productivity.

Give them something that adds value by making it much faster to access all of your IT systems from a simple IT button.

MSPs need to understand that ‘wrapping up your service’ like amazing packaging is just as important as delivering the service. Give your clients that digital experience they deserve, add value and watch as your customers so accustomed to being in the dark finally get to ‘see’ your amazing service.

It’s a Revolution, Don’t Get Left Behind!

It’s definitely a revolution of ‘how’ to deliver your services and fortune will favour those that understand this first and plug the gaping hole in their MSP software stack.

Invarosoft has invented the first Client Portal App to solve this problem. Our flagship products ITSupportPanel, ITNewsPanel and ITAppsPanel can be customized per client or per user to help you digitally wrap your brand over every device and offer functional and visible value.

Feel free to contact us for a demo OR get started on a free trial. Delivering a ‘kick ass’ customer service experience is just a few clicks away.

To your MSP success!

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