June 22, 2024 By Jamie Warner

Invarosoft Announces Alert Centric Acquisition + New Products in 2024


Invarosoft™, a unified MSP software company, announces the acquisition of Alert Centric a Backup Alert Reporting company and has relaunched the brand in 2024 with six (6) software products sold via their innovative new ‘stack saver’ bundles. 

Invarosoft launched in late 2017 to help build the new Customer Experience (CX) category for MSPs. Over that time the platform has evolved based on MSP feedback to include more products than the original go to market plan.

Fast forward to 2024 and Invarosoft now has 100’s of MSPs using their CX platform and has recently purchased the company Alert Centric which provides Backup Alert Reporting software. Coinciding with the acquisition, Invarosoft is now re-launching the company with six (6) unique products which include; Warranty Wizard™, Alert Centric™, Time Master™, HappySat™, vCIO Hero™ and Invarosoft CX™.

Jamie Warner, CEO of Invarosoft, says “the products will be sold individually and in our innovative ‘stack saver’ bundles. We identified the MSP market is frustrated and worried with their increasing stack costs and with some of the SaaS monopolies taking shape in key categories which has led to price increases and slower product improvements. Our research also indicates many vendors lock MSPs into long contracts, there are too many standalone products (point solutions) making it hard for MSPs to invest in them all and if the vendor is multi-product, they tend to sell each product separately, all of which increases MSPs stack costs. In launching our ‘stack saver’ bundles we’re offering MSPs more product alternatives and a unique opportunity to help reduce stack costs and complexity, so in essence ‘one account, one amount’. We agree with Jason Lemkin, SaaStr founder, who says ‘software is supposed to be a service. In 2022 and 2023, SaaS became software as a ripoff.’ We intend to reverse that trend for MSPs in 2024.”

Jamie also states that, “we’re offering month to month licenses and billing in multiple currencies to further help our international partners. The goal is to help MSPs around the world save at least 50% of their stack costs across our product range compared to the standalone alternatives. We will also invest heavily in software development to ensure each product is a true category leader.”

Warranty Wizard
Warranty Wizard is an IT Asset Management platform which will compete directly against the incumbent monopoly of ScalePad’s Lifecycle Manager product. Jamie says “the MSP market deserves another option for Warranty and Asset reporting and so we’re delighted to launch Warranty Wizard to compete strongly in this category.”

Alert Centric
To complement Warranty Wizard, Invarosoft made the strategic purchase of Alert Centric to compete against ScalePad’s Backup Radar. Jamie Warner says “the Alert Centric product has a lot of potential, so we’re looking forward to continuing their great work, evolving the product and competing strongly with the competitor products in this category.”

Time Master
Time Master is an MSP Scheduling Platform which competes against another monopoly in the market, TimeZest. Jamie says “the success of TimeZest and the relevance of scheduling to our CX platform meant it was crucial for Invarosoft to offer the market an alternative in a unified platform. Preventing the ping pong match of MSPs trying to book meetings with users is a big productivity waste for teams so we’re excited to offer our solution to the market.”

HappySat is Invarosoft’s CSAT and NPS solution for MSPs. Jamie says “there are a number of solutions in the MSP feedback category and Invarosoft sees our benefit coming from our unified approach along with our stack saver bundle purchase options.” 

vCIO Hero™
vCIO Hero is the only QBR product in the market that focuses on compliance and sales conversion. Jamie says, “most vCIO tools only focus on compliance reporting and use basic ‘budgeting’ to present findings. We believe presenting recommendations using the buying psychology of good, better, best is how you can get clients to make buying decisions faster. This enables MSPs to grow faster and solve issues relating to risk, security and business continuity. Solving client problems and growing your business should go hand in hand.”

Invarosoft CX™
The flagship product of Invarosoft is now the #1 Client Portal for MSPs and continues to grow strongly. Jamie says, “we will continue to invest in the platform around our Client Portal, Live Chat, Identity Security, Push Alerts, Knowledgebase, Service Catalogs and O365 Reporting functionality to provide the best in class CX solution enabling MSPs to deliver a premium service experience to clients.”

Existing Partners
Jamie says “I’m pleased to announce our valued existing partners of Invarosoft will be getting these new products included in their subscriptions as a thank you for their early adopter partnership and on-going support.”

The Future
The future looks bright for the Invarosoft platform, Jamie said “we will be releasing more new products in 2024 and 2025 and will be including them in existing bundles to further help MSPs reduce their software expenses and drive operational efficiency.”

To find out more about Invarosoft’s products and stack saver bundles MSPs can go to www.invarosoft.com.


About Invarosoft

Invarosoft® delivers one MSP software platform and six (6) products that include; Warranty Wizard™, Alert Centric™, Time Master™, HappySat™, vCIO Hero™ and Invarosoft CX™. Our goal is to help your MSP consolidate your stack to reduce complexity and cost.

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