June 2, 2017 By Jamie Warner

Why is your MSP boring? Become a Purple Cow!

Most MSPs are in super competitive markets with often 100’s of competitors all targeting the same SMB customers.

From a clients perspective, you probably come across a bit boring.

Everyone is using the same PSA, the same RMM, the same documentation software!  How on earth does a prospective client choose between MSP partners when they all look the same?  

The answer is you need to be ‘remarkable’ to stand out in a sea of similar competitors.

How do you differentiate?

  1. Firstly, don’t look the same as every MSP out there – be remarkable, be a purple cow!
  2. By upgrading to ITSupportPanel you can now deliver a feature rich branded IT Portal to your potential clients that immediately differentiates you from your competitors!  
  3. If you pitch for business showing them your customized IT Portal which actually improves their productivity you’re instantly adding unique value!
  4. Watch Seth Godin talk on TED about his theory of the ‘Purple Cow’ and the importance of being remarkable – watch here.

So how do you win new MRR deals?

  1. You need to update your marketing material & website to include your innovative new solution.
  2. After you’ve explained ‘why’ they should choose you (your value), tell them ‘how’ you can deliver on your promises. ITSupportPanel is definitely one of those platforms which is ‘how’ you deliver a ‘remarkable’ customer experience.
  3. Explain to the customer how you can reduce their time on the phone for IT Support by up to 50%! This means they spend more time doing what they do best.
  4. Tell the customer ITSupportPanel is perfect for ‘change management’. When they sign up with you, ITSupportPanel is the visible tool which your end-users immediately get to make their lives easier. Now ‘the customer’ looks great in their staffs eyes for choosing ‘you’ as their IT Provider.
  5. Explain to the customer how ITSupportPanel makes it easier for them to train new staff on how to access IT Support as part of on-boarding.
  6. Make a big deal about ITSupportPanel (and other innovative things you’re doing). Anything that’s remarkable and memorable will help you win new MRR deals!

I hope that helped and gave you some ideas!  Let us know if you have any questions about ITSupportPanel.

To your MSP success!

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