June 11, 2020 By Jamie Warner

Invarosoft™ launches into the UK Market with Sondela Consulting

Sydney, Australia, June 2020 – Invarosoft™, is very excited to announce the launch of its ITSM CX Platform and its collaboration with Sondela Consulting in the UK market.  Invarosoft was founded in 2017 by CEO, Jamie Warner, who is also the Chairman of $9M MSP eNerds.  This is the natural next step as Invarosoft continues its journey to build upon the huge success it has already seen in the MSP space and to expand its reach even further around the globe.

The Invarosoft ITSM CX platform helps MSPs improve their Customer Experience (CX) and Engineer productivity by front-ending their PSA or Ticketing tool with a modern consumer Desktop & Mobile App experience (ITSupportPanel™). Invarosoft delivers an easy to use branded ‘one pane of glass’ for the client packed full of features including; Ticket & Client Portal, Ticket Forms, Web Forms, Approvals, Push Notifications, Sentiment Analysis, Self-Service Bots, SSO and Automation. The platform enables MSPs to improve their CX by providing better access and visibility of support, increase CSAT & NPS scores, reduce tickets by 5-10% using self-service bots and improve productivity by getting the correct ticket and device diagnostic information the first time – essentially ‘the perfect ticket’.

Jamie Warner, CEO of Invarosoft and Chairman of MSP eNerds said: “We feel proud of what we have achieved so far and are very excited to take this next step.  Our decision to partner with Sondela Consulting in the UK is the ideal way to continue to expand our reach and move us further along the road to achieving our long-term growth strategy goals. Invarosoft and Sondela are truly aligned when it comes to working with MSPs to make them more efficient and profitable and so it made perfect sense for us to work together on this next exciting part of the journey.”

Chris Timm, CEO of Sondela Consulting said: “We are very excited about the opportunity to work with Jamie and the team at Invarosoft and bring this fantastic product to the UK market.  Our main goal is to ensure that MSPs are getting the most of out of their PSA tools. Using the Invarosoft range of products is a great fit because it is going to save MSPs a lot of time and there are many benefits to investing in an ITSM CX platform.  Every recommendation we make is geared towards enhancing profits, efficiency and customer satisfaction.  Our clients are going to love the new customer experience that comes from using Invarosoft to show case their brand and offer more visible value.”

Launching into the UK market gives Invarosoft the potential of working with so many great new partners.  The Invarosoft team is passionate about helping MSPs improve their CX and Productivity and will continue to focus on building the most innovative and top-class products for the MSP industry.

In Q4 Invarosoft will be releasing some groundbreaking industry first solutions so watch this space for the up-coming announcements.   

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