UtilizationHigh (Easy to Find & Use)Low (Hard to Use)
Client PortalYesNo
Live ChatYesNo
Identity SecurityYesNo
Secure MessagingYesNo
Service CatalogsYesNo
O365 ReportsYesNo
Device ReportsYesNo
Knowledge BaseYesNo
Staff DirectoryYesNo
All DevicesWindows, Mac, iOS, Android, TeamsWindows
Self-Service Bot (Reduce Tickets + IT Glue Integration)YesNo
Device Diagnostics in TicketYesNo
Screen CaptureYesNo
Ticket PortalYesYes (Not Branded)
Automation (Command Line)YesNo
Documentation (Native)YesNo
News FlickerYesNo
Ticket FormsYesYes
Web FormsYesNo
Sentiment AnalysisYesNo
Branded Push NotificationsYesYes (Not Branded)
Approvals (Per Client & Ticket Type)YesYes (Limited)
Customizable Appearances Per Client / UserYesNo
White Label Task Tray IconYesYes
Customizable Buttons Per Client / UserYesNo
Social Media LinksYesNo
SSO WisePayYesNo
SSO BiggerBrainsYesNo
SSO ConnectBoosterYes (Coming)No
SSO BrightguageYes (Coming)No
Smart DeploymentYesNo
AutoTask APIYesYes
ConnectWise APIYesYes
Kaseya BMS APIYes (Coming)No
TigerPaw APIYes (Coming)No
PSA / Ticketing AgnosticYes (Coming)No
MFAYes (Coming)No
AD HarvesterYesYes
O365 Azure AD SyncYesNo
Setup Time1 DayWeeks
LicensingPer AgentModular
Development RoadmapAggressiveSlow
Sponsor Industry EventsYesNo
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