The following represent the features of our platform in comparison to CloudRadial.
UtilizationHigh (Easy to Find & Use)Low (Can't find URL)
Native Desktop AppWindows & MacNo
Native Mobile AppiOS & AndroidNo
Device Diagnostics in TicketYesNo
Engineer SchedulingYesNo
Warranty LookupYesNo
CSAT FeedbackYesYes
Client PortalYesYes
Service CatalogYesYes
Knowledge BaseYesYes
O365 ReportingYesYes
O365 Secure Score ReportingYesYes
Device ReportingYesYes
Self-Service Bot (Reduce Tickets + IT Glue Integration)YesNo
Smart Engineer BotYesNo
Live ChatYesNo
Secure Caller VerificationYesNo
Secure 2FA MessagingYesNo
Screen CaptureYesNo
Ticket PortalYes (Branded)Yes (Not Branded)
Automation (Command Line)YesNo
Documentation (Native)Yes (Branded)No
News FlickerYesNo
Ticket FormsYesNo
Button FormsYesNo
Sentiment AnalysisYesNo
Branded Push NotificationsYesNo
Approvals (Per Client & Ticket Type)YesYes
Customizable Appearances Per Client / UserYesNo
White Label Task Tray IconYesNo
Customizable Buttons Per Client / UserYesNo
Social Media LinksYesNo
SSO WisePayYesNo
SSO BiggerBrainsYesNo
SSO ConnectBoosterYesNo
SSO BrightguageYes (Coming)No
Smart DeploymentYesNo
AutoTask APIYesYes
ConnectWise APIYesYes
Kaseya BMS APIYesNo
TigerPaw APIYes (Coming)No
PSA / Ticketing AgnosticYes (Anyone can use)No
AD HarvesterYesYes
O365 Azure AD SyncYesNo
Setup Time1 DayWeeks
LicensingPer AgentPer End User
Development RoadmapAggressiveModerate
Sponsor Industry EventsYesNo
Patented SoftwareYesNo
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