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Licensing & Purchasing

Here you will find licensing and purchasing information about our software.
Invarosoft sells software differently from most companies in the MSP and ITSP industry. Our goal is to build awesome, affordable software that you can try before buying. To achieve this we use a unique sales method. Here’s how we are different:

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How is ITSupportPanel Licensed?

ITSupportPanel is licensed on a month to month, no contract basis. You purchase ‘agent packs’ based on the number of devices you have under management.

For example, if you have around 600 Desktops/Laptops/Mac’s under management and you don’t want to cover Smartphones, then you would purchase the 1000 Agent Pack ($349 per month). This would give you buffer as you grow to keep adding more devices. If you realized you wanted to cover Smartphones which would add another 600 nodes, you would then go to the 1500 pack for only an additional $100 per month. At that point you may never need to buy more licenses until you grow big enough.

TIP: In the above example you could charge $2 (or more) per month per Smartphone ($2 x 600) and instantly return a $750 profit per month based off your buy price. If you charge your clients a flat fee of say $80 per month and you have 50 clients, that’s revenue of $4000 and a 9x ROI!

Do I need a license for each user device?

Yes. Each device requires a license based on the fact an agent needs to be assigned to the device. We recommend always giving yourself a buffer of licenses due to the fact the software is so affordable.

How do I know when I need more licenses?

You can always see your license usage in your Account and we will also proactively alert you through the system and via email.

How am I billed?

ITSupportPanel is a monthly or annual subscription and all prices are in US Dollars. Your credit card is billed monthly or annually. With Annual Billing we provide a discount.

Do ITNewsPanel and ITAppsPanel need ITSupportPanel to work?

Yes. To use ITNewsPanel and ITAppsPanel you need to buy ITSupportPanel. These product features become available once you purchase the add-on licensing.

Is ITSupportPanel easy to deploy?

Yes. We have developed a simple step by step wizard to help you configure, design and deploy the software. We make it easy to use your favorite RMM software to deploy ITSP.

Will ITSupportPanel take long to get going?

No, it’s nice and fast. Our simple to use step by step wizard, videos and tutorials means you don’t need any training and should be able to configure, design and deploy in a few hours.

How can support phones calls be reduced?

Our current statistics of active users of the software shows that when ITSupportPanel is deployed, it is so much easier and faster than calling to log a support ticket, that clients end users feel more comfortable using ITSupportPanel. Our partners are reducing phone calls by up to 50%!

What PSA's and CRM's does ITSupportPanel support?

Currently AutoTask and Connectwise. We are adding new PSA and CRM partners and will continue to expand this list to ensure your system is covered.

Does ITSupportPanel work with ConnectWise cloud version?

Yes. ITSupportPanel supports both cloud and on-premises partners!

What operating systems are supported.

ITSupportPanel is the only IT Portal Solution that has a native App working on Windows, Mac, IOS and Android! Our software is designed to ensure your unique brand (logo and colors) are seen everywhere by your clients, always showing them your value!

Where are your servers based?

Our servers are based in Amazon Web Services (AWS) data centers in the USA. AWS data centers have been audited to SOC 1/SSAE 16/ISAE 3402 standards and meet PCI DSS Level 1 and HIPAA requirements.

Do I need to install a Server in my office or cloud to use ITSupportPanel?

No. ITSupportPanel is fully cloud hosted in AWS.

Can I use my branding?

Yes indeed. That’s the whole benefit of ITSupportPanel. Your logo, your colors and full customization over the buttons and text.

Can I use my clients logo and branding?

Yes. If you have a client who sees the benefit of using their own brand with ITSupportPanel, you can configure just this one client (or how ever many you need) with their own colors and logo.

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