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Why Invest in Invarosoft?

Improve CX
Increase CSAT Scores | Reduce Churn | Increase Referrals
ITSupportPanel™ gives your clients fast access to support and a branded Ticket Portal so they can see, comment and close their tickets in your PSA.

Increase Productivity
Save 3-5 Minutes Per Ticket + Reduce Support Calls
When a ticket is logged with Invarosoft you get; Type, Sub Type, Priority, Affected User, Screen Capture (Optional), Form Data (Optional) and Device Diagnostics – so you get the perfect ticket every time!

Reduce Tickets
Use ITSupportBot™ to Reduce Tickets by 5-10%
Reduce those unnecessary tickets (e.g. re-booting would fix) by turning your existing documentation into a powerful 'Self-Service Bot'. When the user logs a ticket your self-service bot offers prompts and articles to solve the issue.

Improve Communication
Cut Through the Noise of Email with Push Notifications + News + Live Chat
Now you can send beautiful branded Push Notifications to communicate outages, scheduled downtime or on-boarding clients. You can flick news across the App and in Q4 we're releasing Live Chat.

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Offer Ends 31st of May 2021

  • 250 Agents $149 /m Normally
    $249 /m
    Bonus Agents
    500 Agents $189 /m Normally
    $449 /m
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    + 500
    1000 Agents $249 /m Normally
    $549 /m
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    + 500
    2500 Agents $399 /m Normally
    $749 /m
    Bonus Agents
    + 500
    4500 Agents $499 /m Normally
    $949 /m
    Bonus Agents
    + 500

  • Standard $289 Includes: 12 Months Support, Dedicated Success Team, Portal Training, Deployment Training and Best Practice Guides.
    Premium $489 Includes: Standard + Dedicated Success Manager.

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    5 Hour Pack $900 Includes 5 hours of consulting & implementation services at $180 per hour provided by Sondela Consulting.
    10 Hour Pack $1600 Includes 10 hours of consulting & implementation services at $160 per hour provided by Sondela Consulting.
    20 Hour Pack $2600 Includes 20 hours of consulting & implementation services at $130 per hour provided by Sondela Consulting.

  • Monthly subscription will not be charged until this date.

  • Once you register for this exclusive deal you get the following;
    • Full access to the Invarosoft platform.
    • Setup wizard welcome email.
    • All products; ITSupportPanel, ITNewsPanel, ITAppsPanel & ITSupportBot.
    • 25 Agents to use until your subscription start date.
    • The license package selected will be activated on the nominated start date.
    • Billing is in USD.
    • The subscription is charged monthly on the first day of the month.
    • The on-boarding & consulting fees are charged upfront upon sign up.
    • The license agreement is monthly.

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